We launched Pawerfull to create a community that can organize to support a variety of views. Not one person is always right and allowing for differing views is the foundation of our country.

Our social network has many commonly used social features, posting, video streaming, etc. Most importantly, we have added a unique feature, a fundraising option to support member's political aspirations in the United States. No other social community gives members the opportunity to fundraise for local, state or national office. This option eliminates the need to rely on major national fundraising committees that have forgotten the importance of our Constitution and values. We are not an echo chamber for any one opinion, the select few, but a community for all to exchange ideas.

We do not support or encourage violence, division, or silencing of speech. We do not have a political agenda. As a social community we encourage interactions and promotion of opportunities for members to learn and be proactive in business, politics, in all areas of their lives in a positive manner.

The start up founders are of Hispanic roots, born in the United States, with an appreciation of what this country provides its residents. We believe in freedom of speech because many of our family members have experienced what it means when freedoms and rights are taken away.

Maria Gomez