About Us


We are very proud of the the Pawerfull community, that was born to connect you with others in your circle and beyond, while paying you for the use of your data.  Some social networks say you own your data, but then sell your information without sharing the profit. We just think this is wrong.  When you look up the meaning of "share" the definition is our mission, to give a portion of (something) to another or others. That something is our profit.

This is how Pawerfull works.  If we profit from your data via advertising on Pawerfull, you make a percentage. We are the only social network that monetizes data for the benefit of members. 

Pawerfull also gives you the power to share ideas, thoughts, beliefs, without discrimination and censorship of speech.

The world of social networking has evolved at lightning speed and we strive to stay ahead of the curve. We are here to elevate those around us, in a personal, positive environment. The best part, Pawerfull strives to build the right social portal for all, with the added benefit of being able to profit for just being you.  

We don't have all the answers, but we know that there is a need for a community that enables members to connect and profit. 

At Pawerfull you have the power to share, its the new way, the right way.