Welcome to the Pawerfull Community


Pawerfull is a social community that was born to connect you with others in your circle and beyond, while monetizing your data. Other social networks say you own your data, but then sell your information without you making a profit and we just think this is wrong.  

If we profit from your data via members advertising on Pawerfull, as a member, you make a percentage of that profit. We are the only social community network that monetizes data for the benefit of members. 

Pawerfull also gives you the power to share ideas, thoughts, beliefs, without discrimination and censorship of speech.

We realize the world of social networking is evolving and there is a need for a community that can communicate without fear of being shut down for their freedom of speech.  Social media has many positive attributes but as an open communication tool it can be challenging to convey a message without fear of being labeled for your social, political, or even news posts.

At Pawerfull we don't label you for your thoughts. We don't judge or insult, we elevate those around us through content-driven engagement that promotes awareness, in a personal environment. Members can open a space to welcome friends/customers, share ideas and thoughts, design a personal online store, promote and sell products, develop a contest to market, fundraise, generate a quiz, polls, and so much more.

Pawerfull strives to build the right social strategy for all, regardless of views, with the added benefit of being able to profit for just being you.  

We don't have all the answers, but we know that there is a need for a social community that enables members to promote ideas, thoughts, political actions, products, services, and brands without being lost in the constant barrage of hostile social posts, that can distract from the success of sharing ideas.

At Pawerfull that people have the power.